Signs of Labor

How will you know when you’re going into labor, and know the difference between “false alarms” and “the real thing?” Especially for first-time mothers, it’s important to learn the telltale signs of when “the big moment” is probably near. The following signs indicate that you may be going into labor:

  • Five minutes or less between contractions that last 60 seconds or longer
  • Leakage of fluid
  • Decrease in fetal movement
  • Bleeding bright red
  • Tightening of your stomach that takes your breath away

If you believe you are going to labor:

  • In cases of life-threatening emergency, call 911.
  • Always call our office first, at 703.878.0740, before leaving for the hospital.
  • If calling during business hours Monday through Friday, press 2 to reach Triage.
  • If calling after hours, you should also press 2 to reach the physician on call.